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Prospect Ratio Calculator - VB.Net program demonstration

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Ethnic Hair Care E-Commerce w/ Integrated Amazon Products

Gifted Hands Remodeling

Virtual Assistant Services

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Data Scientist.

Web App Designer.

Hosting Management.

Music and Multimedia.

Quickbooks (Intuit) Certified


Virtual software systems and capabilities to include VMWare Virtualization.

Server Operating Systems (including Linux)

Patch Management Techniques

X86 Windows - MAC OS/X

Microsoft Core Infrastructure Fundamentals

Active Directory Fundamentals

Fiber Channel SAN and NAS Storage Fundamentals

TCP/IP Networking

Privileged Security Model


ITL Release Management and Change Management

Requirements Analysis and Project Management

Technical Document Creation (Certification - Element K)

Operations Management Including Tools and Processes in Clean GUI

System and Software Upgrades, Patches with Docs

Monitoring of Vital System Statistics

Troubleshoot System Anomalies

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